Axel Kallies

Walter and Eliza Hall Institute, VIC

Axel Kallies completed his PhD in Berlin, Germany. After a postdoc at the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute (WEHI), he established his own laboratory at the WEHI in 2010. He was recently recruited to the Department for Microbiology and Immunology at the Peter Doherty Institute, University of Melbourne. His team studies the molecular and metabolic control of lymphocyte differentiation in response to antigen. The Kallies lab has developed and applied genetic and molecular approaches to this field, including novel reporter mouse strains, metabolic techniques, transcriptional profiling, chromatin immunoprecipitation (ChIP) and accessible chromatin (ATAC) sequencing. The Kallies lab published several key studies in leading journals of the field, including Science, Immunity and Nature Immunology, which detail the roles of transcription factors and cytokines in differentiation, clonal expansion and cellular metabolism of lymphocytes. Over the last few years, the Kallies lab has developed a particular focus on linking transcriptional control and cellular metabolism on lymphocyte populations residing in non-lymphoid tissue, including tumors.