Meredith O’Keeffe

Laboratory Head
Monash University

Associate Professor Meredith O'Keeffe is an NHMRC Senior Research Fellow and Head of the Laboratory of Dendritic Cell Driven Immunity in Health and Disease, Biomedicine Discovery Institute and Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Monash University. Meredith received her PhD from Monash University in 1998 and then spent 6 years in the laboratory of Prof Ken Shortman, WEHI where she was trained in dendritic cell biology. She then continued dendritic cell research in a new lab at Bavarian-Nordic GmbH, Munich, Germany and returned to Australia in 2009, setting up a lab at the Burnet Institute, Melbourne. Meredith joined Monash University in September 2015.

Meredith's research interests include investigating how activation of dendritic cells is regulated in health and in different disease settings including Lupus, cancer and pathogen infections.