Yuval Rinkevich

Junior Group Leader
German Center for Lung Research
German Research Center for Environmental Health

Young Principle Investigator with supervising and mentoring position at the Institute for Lung Biology and Disease, Comprehensive Pneumology Center, Helmholtz Zentrum, Munich, Germany. He obtained a PhD degree in Biology from Technion of Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa in 2008. From 2008 until 2014, he moved to become postdoctoral fellow of Prof. Irving L. Weissman, Stanford Institute for Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine at Stanford University, USA and in 2014, Basic Life Science Research Associate at Stanford University.

Yuval’s scientific focus lies in identifying principles of tissue/organ regeneration, and developing a knowledge basis for therapeutic strategies in clinical use. His lab explores the stem cells, embryonic lineages and mechanisms by which tissues/organs regenerate following injury, at multiple levels of biological organization. His research is currently funded by grants from the Else-Kröner-Fresenius Stiftung (EKFS), Human Frontier Science (HFSPO) Program Organisation, German Research (DFG) and the Fritz Thyssen Stiftung (FTS).

Yuval is member of several Scientific Societies and publishes in peer-reviewed journals and gives lectures at numerous, distinguished Conferences and Institutes. In 2017 he was elected on the Board of the European Tissue Repair Society (ETRS)