Susanne Heinzel

Immunology Division
Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research

Dr Susanne Heinzel is a senior research scientist at the Walter and Elisa Hall Institute for Medical Research, Melbourne, Australia and the President of the Australasian Society for Immunology. She completed her PhD at the University in Tuebingen in Germany in the field of Tumour Immunology before moving to Adelaide, Australia where she continued to research in that field. She then joined Vaxine, a small biotech company in Adelaide where she worked as clinical trial manager and senior research scientist on the development of vaccine adjuvants. In 2010 she turned her focus back to the basic research and the quest to understand the regulation of the immune response.

Her research focuses on the quantitative analysis of the rules that govern the activation, survival and expansion of T and B lymphocytes in health and disease. She is fascinated by the reproducibility of incredibly heterogenous immune responses and the mechanism that drive cell fate regulation. Her recent work has been published in journals such as Science, Nat Immunology, Nat Comms, JI and PNAS.